Sylva Mojo

Hi, my name is Trevor, and here you can follow my build of a "Sylva Mojo" kit car. Please remember the oldest news is at the bottom of this page, so if you have not visited for a while, please read from the bottom up.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Detling Kitcar show

Today was the Detling kitcar show at the Kent County showground.
I met up with Andy who has the Blue Mojo in the photos. He has fitted a larger nosecone to his car as it was overheating, and he also has the doors which I have ordered, after getting drenched in the rain a few weeks ago.
A nice start to the 2009 show season.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Gearbox swapout

The whole of last year, the Mojo had a hairline crack in its gearbox, causing it to leak oil.

I managed to source a gearbox off ebay for 99p, so ran up to Birmingham to pick it up, then fitted it a few weekends ago.

It took *all* weekend to complete, but at least it doesn't drip oil everywhere now!
While the gearbox was seperated from the engine, I put a new clutch in. Seemed like a good idea and I actually had one in the garage from when I bought the donor XR2 almost 3 years ago!