Sylva Mojo

Hi, my name is Trevor, and here you can follow my build of a "Sylva Mojo" kit car. Please remember the oldest news is at the bottom of this page, so if you have not visited for a while, please read from the bottom up.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

XR2 Stripped

Today I removed the engine, gearbox, driveshaft’s and hubs from the XR2.
On fiesta’s, the engine always comes out from under the car, not the conventional “lift it out” approach. This is because the brake master cylinder gets in the way above the engine.

Needless to say, once I had started the work, it chucked it down with rain! Luckily, this only lasted for about half an hour, but it was enough to get soaked to the bone! (You can see standing water on the ground in the first photo.)

Once everything connected to the engine was undone, it was placed onto a trolley, then the car was lifted up around it, and the engine wheeled away, easy really.

The engine and gearbox will be steam cleaned at some point, at the moment it’s covered in rain and oil, not a nice look!

The removal of all the parts only took three and a half hours from start to finish, not too bad considering the weather this afternoon.

The remains of the XR2 are being collected by my local scrapyard tomorrow.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Exeter Kitcar show

Today was the Great Western Kit & Car Builder Show at Exeter.

I managed to buy lots of goodies for the Mojo, including such delights as copper fuel pipe, front indicators, full rear lighting, two interior heaters, and a pair of full seat harnesses, to name just a few bits!

Kitcar shows are a great place to buy all these specialist parts from, most are quite cheap too, with show offers in abundance.

Whilst there, I spotted a Mojo in the Kitcar parking area, and have included a photo of it here.

All of this has left me feeling very excited about collecting the Kit, I feel like a child waiting for Christmas day!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Sylva visit

Today I went to see Jeremy Phillips, the owner and MD of Sylva.

The reason for the trip was to give him my Capri struts and Vauxhall gear linkage to be modified by him ready for my collection date, Friday 8th Dec.

While there today, my exact chassis was on a jig being made, mostly completed, needing only the pedal box area to be welded up.
It was nice to be able to view all the little mods I had asked to be included into the chassis, while it is still on the production line.

The next time I see the chassis, it will be powder coated and at the main Sylva site in Ripley, when I collect it, along with the rest of the kit. (Getting really excited now!)

Friday, November 03, 2006

Capri struts stripped

This afternoon I stripped down the Capri struts.
In the photo's you can see what was taken off one strut next to the two bare struts.
The hubs and calipers are used on the mojo, the backing plate is not, so that's being binned.
Once these struts are at Sylva, they will cut the top part off both, where the large springs are. (Again, these are not used on the Mojo.)
The part I will be left with is a modified lower section where the spindle comes away at 90 degrees.